That a USB peripheral is class compliant, means that the device is “plug and play,” i.e., you can plug it in and it works on a computer/device without installing any proprietary drivers. Several Elektron devices make use of the class compliant audio functionality to stream audio to and from the computer/device. For class compliant USB peripherals to work, the computer/device OS must support this functionality.


  • Install the latest OS for your Elektron device. Available for download here.


  • macOS 10.0 or later

  • Windows 10 release 1703 or later

  • iPhone/iPad: IOS7 or later

  • Android: 5.0 or later


The computer/device OS is not the only thing that decides if class compliant USB audio works or not (or how well it works). The class compliant functionality is also dependent on other factors, such as the program or app that you use, computer hardware/software configuration, and other components in your hardware setup.