If you are experiencing problems with your Elektron device, there are several different things you should do before you contact Elektron support. There are a couple of ways to self diagnose your device. Please use this guide to determine whether the problem is hardware related or in the software/firmware.

A. Basic troubleshooting

To make sure that the issue isn’t software related, and/or caused by external interference (such as incoming MIDI data causing MIDI feedback), please do the following, and then check if the problem is still there after each step of it is solved: 

  1. Install the latest OS for your Elektron device. Available for download here.

  2. Unplug all MIDI cables and the USB cable from the device.

  3. Perform a factory reset. Read more about factory reset here.

  4. Create a new project.

B. TEST mode (not available on Model:Samples, Model:Cycles, and Analog Drive)

In TEST mode, you can perform a variety of tasks to determine the health status of your device. If you have any trouble with your device and suspect it may be due to a hardware problem, perform this self-test.

  1. Hold down the [FUNC] button on ([ACTIVE]/[ON] for Analog Heat) your device while powering it up to enter the STARTUP menu.

  2. In the STARTUP menu, press the appropriate button to enter the TEST mode.
    WARNING: For testing purposes on some Elektron devices, a short, loud beep is heard through all outputs of the unit when you enter the TEST mode. If you encounter any errors here, it might be a sign that there is a problem with the device.

  3. In this mode, it is also possible to check the buttons and encoders/potentiometers functionality. Depending on which device you are using, most buttons either light up a led-light and the display shows which button is pressed, or turn the display on/off. This method is an excellent way to confirm if a button is broken or not. If the device doesn’t register a button press, then it’s likely that the button needs to be replaced. (MASTER VOLUME does not give any indication on the screen when it is turned). Various sequencer button combinations change the color on the button mechanisms on the devices where this is available.

If the information above did not solve the problems, please proceed to this article.