Elektron machines come with a three-year warranty, counting from the date of purchase on the original receipt. If the original receipt is not available, the unit is still covered by a three-year factory warranty, counted from the manufacturing date. The manufacturing date (MFGDT) is printed on the serial sticker as either year and month, or year and week. Wear and tear, mishandling, or neglect are not covered by the warranty.

Please note that the warranty is transferred from one owner to a new owner (unless the device has been reported as stolen).


  1. Create an account on the Elektron webpage https://www.elektron.se/customer/create/
    If you already have an Elektron account, log in to your account.

  2. On your account page, click the user icon in the top right corner, and then select My Registered Machines.

  3. Write your Elektron device serial number (available on the box or on a sticker under the device) in the box, and click Register product to add it to your account.

Registering an Elektron device purchased second-hand

To register the unit, the previous owner must first unregister it from their account. Then you can register the unit to your account.

If this isn’t possible for some reason, please contact Elektron Support and attach a copy of the original proof of purchase, and we can then register the unit to your account. Note that the original proof of purchase refers to when the unit was purchased from the shop, not the receipt for the second-hand sale.

Unregister an Elektron device from your account

You can unregister a machine from your account on the My Registered Products page https://www.elektron.se/customer/products/. Click the "X" next to the product you want to remove to unregister it from your account. After this is done, a new owner can register the device to their account.