In order to update your device using the method described in this article, your device needs to run at least the OS version listed below. The OS version is visible in the bottom right corner of the device screen when it is being powered on.

Device(s)Minimum required OS version
Analog Four and Analog Keys
Analog Rytm
Analog Heat
Digitone and Digitone Keys
Model:Cycles and Model:Samples

If the device is running an older version than the one listed below, you need to update your device using sysex transfer. Refer to the following article for information on how to update using sysex transfer. Once your device is running at least the OS version listed above, you can use the method described in this article for future OS updates.

Connect your device to one of the USB ports of your computer and start Elektron Transfer, make sure the unit is selected as the MIDI in and MIDI out ports, and then click the Connect button.

Unzip the archive and drag and drop the .syx file containing the OS update onto the big area with the text "Drop files here".

When you drop the OS file, it will automatically be transferred to the device.

When OS has been transferred, Elektron Transfer will let you know that you need to press the YES button on your device to perfrom the upgrade. Press the YES button and follow the instructions on the device screen. DO NOT TURN THE DEVICE OFF UNTIL THE UPGRADE IS COMPLETED.