Here are some basic steps that you should perform first if you are having trouble with Overbridge

  1. Make sure your setup matches the system requirements.

  2. Uninstall any earlier version of Overbridge from your computer.

  3. Install the latest OS for your Elektron device. Available for download here.

  4. Install the latest version of Overbridge. Available for download here.

  5. You must activate Overbridge mode on your Elektron device to use it together with Overbridge. Select OVERBRIDGE MODE on your device in the USB CONFIG menu, found in SETTINGS > SYSTEM > USB CONFIG.


Please contact Elektron support:

All Overbridge related support tickets should include:

  • Overbridge version.

  • Computer OS.

  • Firmware version (shown briefly on the display when the device is powered on) and the name of your Elektron device (e.g. Analog Four MKI/MKII).

  • Steps to reproduce, if possible (if it is not possible to reproduce, please let us know this).

  • If you have access to another device and/or another computer OS, please try to reproduce the issue with different combinations of devices and OS:es (and report what you find).