1. Go to https://www.elektron.se/support/ and select your machine from the drop down list
  2. Download the latest OS and the C6 software
  3. Install C6 on your computer

Make sure your machine is connected via USB and set to USB-MIDI mode only, if it is set to Overbridge mode, you can change it back to Overbridge mode once the OS upgrade is complete. This is done in the global menu under SYSTEM / USB CONFIG on Analog Rytm / Keys / Four.

Start C6 on your computer, click the config button to open the config screen, make sure that the machine you want to update is selected under MIDI In and under MIDI Out (They will be marked blue when selected).

Drag and drop the .syx file containing the OS update to the C6 file list.

In the global menu of your machine, open SYSTEM / OS UPGRADE, the display should show OS UPGRADE, WAITING FOR SYSEX

Click the send button in C6 and the OS upgrade should transfer to your machine.

For more details about configuring the C6 software, see the manual included in the C6 download.

For further information about the OS upgrade, see the product manual, which can be downloaded from the same location as the OS update and the C6 software.